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When looking for customizing company logo
If you are often plagued by these problems?
1、Designed not to worry over, does not meet the original
2、I do not know how to identify signage?
3、Quality worried about stability?
4、Custom shoddy afraid to bargain?
5、Worried about a bad attitude?
6、Process is too slow, sent money, delay in delivery?
01.professional technique
Years of technical experience and professional
and technical management,From R & D, design,
manufacture, construction, maintenance and so
on aLogo-stop solutions provider for our cust-
omers to provide quality Satisfied with the product.
02.Superb technology
The Company to better attitude in dealing with
each ring Section, the use of advanced product-
ion equipment, application of new technologies-
The new process to achieve scientific testing
methods and management sideLaw.
03.Strong team
We have a strong design team of senior indus-
try experience,Full coverage from the design stu-
dy, visual design, productModeling to spatialpla-
nning for our customers to create a unique Latti-
ce product design.
04.Innovation logo
Innovative logo designs, both from outside the
home,From flat to three-dimensional effects are
rendered with beautiful, eye-catching,Innovative,
can meet the various needs of customers.
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Dongguan Quancai Advertising Co., Ltd
  I was founded in 2006, Registered capital of 5 million,set up large-scale manufacturing plant identification, is the production of various types of advertising logo products, real estate and newspaper boxes, mental fortress, the column identification system Guide, resorts, communities, industrial parks Guide brand identity, the hospital system Guide business environment logo, Metro rail Transit station Guide logo, hospital public service identity gymnasium hall……【+MORE
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